Update: confusion over packaging law – the German hunting newspaper

16. November 2018 43






    The new packaging law, the to 1. January 2019 to enter into force, for some hunters new obligations, the German hunting Association said in a statement.

    Currently considerable uncertainty about who was affected by the law still exists. After a preliminary evaluation, many of the hunters, the packaged game will not fall, for example vacuum Packed, sell in the field of application, because they wouldn’t “act professionally”. The DJV have hired a packing expert to do this, create a robust opinion. The report will probably be available by the end of November.

    The new packaging law creates confusion (photo: Markus Lück)

    Until then, hunters should wait for the registration to the packaging register. The DJV has published its first question-and-answer paper on the topic (pdf file). It will be supplemented, if the outstanding legal details to be clarified.

    The packaging law to solve for 1. January 2019 the existing packaging Ordinance. New, among other things, a registration requirement for manufacturers of packaged products. They would have to participate as in the past, in a “dual System” for the disposal of the packaging. The scheme is applicable only for the “commercial” market. Regardless of the circumstances, hunters were affected, was the subject of a legal examination.