Venison-levy: most hunters do not fall under the packaging law – the German hunting newspaper

5. December 2018 67






    The German hunting Association commissioned report confirmed that only hunters from the new act on Packaging are affected, the commercial with game action.

    Nevertheless, there are some important things to consider.

    The new packaging law, the to 1. January 2019 come in force, bring also, for some hunters new obligations. First of all, I still existed significant uncertainty over who is affected by the law. Now a packaging confirm a legal expert in a DJV commissioned opinion: fighter, the Packed game – for example, subjected to a vacuum – give, don’t act “professionally”, if you make a profit from the hunt. Therefore, you will not be affected by the upcoming act on Packaging and will not have to register.

    (Photo: Peter Diekmann)

    Especially agricultural or forestry farms, where hunting was a part of the operation, would in principle fall within the scope of the act on Packaging. These companies could use, in many cases, but so-called “service packages” and in order for the registration to avoid duty. The DJV have updated his question-and-answer paper on the topic. There hunters will find detailed answers to the possible obligation to register.

    The packaging law to solve for the new year, the existing packaging Ordinance. New, among other things, a registration requirement for manufacturers of packaged products. They would have to (participate) in a “dual System” for the disposal of the packaging.