Voters against wild-grassroots policy of the state government? – German Hunting Newspaper

9. October 2018 11






    In one of the German wild animal Foundation-commissioned EMNID-survey, an absolute majority of respondents are opposed to the law laid down the principle “the forest from the Wild”.

    “The Bavarian voters are against the forest policies of the state government in the past few years,” says Hilmar Baron von Münchhausen, managing Director of the German wild animal Foundation. A great majority of the Bavarian voters reject the current regulations that allow, in the mountain forest, hunting red deer, chamois and ROE deer throughout the year.

    The Bavarian GREENS explicitly demand a Bavaria-wide consistent implementation of the “forest Wild” (photo: Peter Diekmann)

    70 percent of respondents believe a time is important, even if through a whole year of hunting, the forest could grow. The Bavarian electorate in order for the current hunting practice in the Bavarian Alps, a clear rejection, summarizes the German wild animal Foundation, the result of the survey.

    However, the other parties are not better. None of the established parties for an end to the principle of “the forest from the Wild”. On the contrary, The Bavarian GREEN is a Bavaria call for explicitly-wide consistent implementation of the “forest from the Wild” – and in order to continue year-round victories in the mountain forest, so the Foundation! Alone in upper Bavaria may not be hunted on over 30,000 hectares of mountain forest year-round on chamois, Red and ROE deer. “The chamois, and other wild animals are not the losers of the Bavarian state election, when the policy is ready to reconsider their opinion”, writes Baron Munchausen, and calls for a critical examination of all the areas in which already time has been lifted.