Weapons Amnesty expires – German hunting newspaper

26. June 2018 115






    Only until the end of this week, owners of illegal weapons will have the ability to make this criminal free with the competent weapon authority or a police station.

    Since July of 2017 ongoing criminal waiver scheme will especially benefit those who are reached in a legal manner, for example as a result of a Succession or remaining unlawfully in the possession of a weapon or of ammunition. The aim of the provision is to reduce the number of illegal weapons. On 1. July 2018 ends the deadline of the Amnesty scheme.

    Owners of illegal weapons and ammunition have only handed in a few days time, this penalty-free (photo: Pixabay)

    Accurate figures, how much the weapons have been handed in to the authorities, is not yet available. However, the use of the special scheme appears to be strong regional variations. Thus, in the Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia city of Wuppertal, with a total of 1.137 given weapons so far, the frontrunner, while in Duisburg, not a single cartridge has reached the police, as a survey of the düsseldorf-based Rheinische Post under the district police authorities of the country.