Weimaraner finds marijuana – German hunting newspaper

9. January 2018 74

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Weimaraner bitch “Yoomee” is just 7 months old. Yesterday, Monday, she stayed in the walk, suddenly in front of a Bush and no longer wanted to continue.

With an age of 7 months, the Weimaraner-dog was already 2. interesting find (photos: police in Bochum)

“Yoomee” was your master in the area of the sanatorium road in the city of Herne (North Rhine-Westphalia). To a the bushes, she stopped and sniffed exceptionally long. The Mr Chen discovered bags with marijuana-filled plastic. This immediately informed the police, which the Fund, the Bochum-based drug Commissariat forwarded. Only 2 weeks before the discovered bitch, “Yoomee” in the bushes of a riderless Bicycle. Whether you will also discover changes sow, is still unclear.


The packet of marijuana was sent to the Bochum drug Commissariat