Where Fox and hare say “Good night”…

Hello dear-hunting – and nature friends,

I was invited a short time ago to a small game hunting. The Bunny stocking is still very good, what you can say in many other areas of Germany. The area there is small-parceled, crossed by numerous Knicks and mainly Ate out mostly towards more extensive agriculture is abundant. Leek, asparagus and, for example, zucchini flowers. So where Fox and rabbit still “Good night”, you can say.

One of the farmers helped in the hunt, went on to Drive the hunting corona of Driving and was glad about the Bunny route. The track was colorful, and for the North-German relations of the present to look at. For me, it was a joy to see the dogs work. How much fun and pleasure of hunting you had! The same was true for the hunting society. Of course, as a German hunting usual, it was organized at attention. However, there was enough time for them to Meet, a long lunch and a natter. In this short strip you can see some moments of this hunt, which should speak for themselves.

On the video end you can see in the preview that soon a hunting video that you can exclusively with the hunter brothers and me at the hunting fair in Dortmund in 2018 and see. The Video will be shown for the first Time.

Waidmannsheil and greeting Your three Scion