Who bite community workers? – German Hunting Newspaper

5. December 2018 141






    After the analysis of the DNA samples, the wolf-experts, fall is still in the dark.

    In Bülstedt in the district of Rotenburg (Niedersachsen) want to be bitten by a municipality of employees of a Wolf or wolf-like animal.

    Bright excitement among all those Involved and Uninvolved. Animal hair samples, the sweater of the municipal employee and a Hammer have been tested by the Senckenberg Institute, Gelnhausen, Germany the DNA and corresponding samples analyzed. You should result in offender. Now the results of the investigation.

    DNA study provides no answers (photo: Pixabay)

    This supply, however, no proof of a Wolf. On the Hammer, no trace of a wolf or dog could be found, such as the lower Saxony environmental Ministry yesterday. 2 taken onsite hair deer “would have samples”. On the sweater cat hair and 3 saliva samples had been found. In the case of the saliva samples had to be identified in 2 samples of “cat” and “cat and dog”.

    Accordingly, dog, cat, and deer to the circle of Suspects include, in addition to the Wolf now. The environment Minister, Olaf Lies: “I would have liked to see a more clear result. We had hoped for clarity, whether dog or Wolf polluter-pays were to be able to targeted passengers. A Wolf would have been determined, then a killing would have been inevitable. It is clear that we now need more insights. Notes on free-running dogs in the environment must be investigated. I have already commissioned an intensive wolf monitoring to get more information about the area’s resident pack. Also, I have brought today a Ad hoc marking the birds on the way.“

    “You have to ask the question, why only the Senckenberg-Institute of DNA analysis was commissioned and not, for example, a forensic Institute, the search is significantly better with the concrete track at the scene of the crime is familiar. Thus, a secure reconstruction of the attack on the basis of blood spatter, and similar evidence would not have been possible. Currently, we are not as smart as before the DNA analysis,“ said Martin Bäumer, Deputy Chairman of the CDU parliamentary group.

    Therefore, we welcome the decision of the Minister for the environment, the well-known wolf pack immediately track and to create a movement profile. Also is it right that the DNA-samples to examine more intense, also with a view to a possible hybridization.