Wife of round bales slain – German hunting newspaper

23. August 2018 81






    The Hanseatic city of Greifswald belonging to the island of Riems, an employee of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI) (Federal research Institute for animal health) came in on Wednesday morning in a work accident.

    According to police reports, the 54-year-old Institute staffer has been injured at the time of Loading of Heurundballen in a Stall of the Institute difficult. The bales had been left by an employee of the Institute through a hatch from the floor of the Stall from a height of about 3.50 meters after falling down. One of the nearly 300-pound bales’ve met the woman later, in the hospital for their serious wounds.

    The employee was hit by such a Heurundballen, which have a diameter of 120 cm and a weight of 300 kg, (photo: Pixabay)

    The FLI has its head office on Riems. Here, among other things, animal diseases such as bird flu, foot – and-mouth explored disease and swine fever.