Wild boar rips the gate out of anchorage – the German hunting newspaper

3. January 2019 99






    A wild boar in fury made last Saturday a great deal of attention.

    The Sow fled the scene on Saturday morning after a drive hunt in Lauffen (LK Heilbronn/Baden-Württemberg), in the place where you caused a lot of commotion. She remained with the head in a gate metal plug, they crack when you try to save yourself completely out of the anchoring. Since it was not possible, a safe shot, was fixed to the black coat of 4 people and the shooting tenant intercepted. 2 more local residents have reported damage caused by a black coat. A patio door was probably damaged by the same Sow and a wall was smeared with sweat. No one was hurt.


    The goal of the Sau, but the forces of a black coat are not to be underestimated (photos: police headquarters Heilbronn)