Wild cooking in front of the gates of Hamburg – the German hunting newspaper

9. August 2018 281






    If you know, is prepared venison tasty, Henrik Elbers.

    For many years, the DJZ released his self-designed recipes. These are imaginative, varied, often unusual, but always easy to prepare. Also a lot of articles about Zerwirk and processing tips written by the experienced chef already.

    What could be better than a Seminar with the kitchen master. To prepare with him a 4-course-Menue, and you will be amazed by his tips on organization and preparation, opportunities to stove and table.

    If you just basic don’t know about the preparation of wild game meat you want to acquire, but also curious about the New, then you were at 13. October in Jesteburg.

    For more information about DJZ-Seminar you will find here …

    (Photo: Private)