Wild Rumgeballer – German Hunting Newspaper

4. April 2018 90






    A hunter alerted good Friday the police because a man shot in an uncontrolled manner.

    The hunter was walking with his family on the shores of the mountain lake in upper lübbecke (Kreis Minden-Lübbecke/North Rhine-Westphalia), than on the Armed met. As the green rock, the 29-Year-old spoke to was aggressive and threw it at the dog of the family with sticks. The father of the family alerted the police and other hunters. When the police arrived, the 29-Year-old, to shoot with the gun into the water, on a rock wall and in the direction of the officials.

    A total of 1 Dozen officers moved out, to subdue the man (photo: police of Minden-Lübbecke)

    The policemen brought the unsuspecting walkers out of the forest and circled the man. On a forest path and found him. As a result of a Warnschusses from the service gun of one of the officials, ordered the man to drop his weapon. This was a air rifle in caliber 4.5 mm. A drug test was positive. A native man comes from Kyrgyzstan. Because of a personal injury offence, he is already a police.