Wildrei close to Bad Dürkheim in the German hunting newspaper

8. June 2017 82

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Already on 28 may on the border trail of two area in Bad Dürkheim (Rheinland-Pfalz) has been found an obviously fresh gewildertes deer.

The piece was shot from behind below the Weidloches. It was in the middle of a dirt road. The Auffindeort is not due to a lack of stalking the sign of the alder place. The piece, about half the volume was removed with the main. A circular clean cut in the area of the leaves makes at least some technical Background. With high probability, the piece was poached just a few hours before the finding. From the ansitz ends of the hunters of the district, has been identified not shot during the period in question. The appropriate message to the police and the forest Department was immediately dispatched to find. The criminal investigation has taken over the case and determined because of poaching. If in the corresponding area of suspicious observations to be made, please report to the competent police Department in Bad Dürkhein.


The bullet hole was below the Weidlochs (photos: private)