Wind power in front of the forest and its wildlife? – German Hunting Newspaper

4. July 2018 13






    On the subject of wind power are the ghosts. The a are for it, others against.

    In the good old Protest Tradition of the German wild animal Foundation by Sticker now clearly against the construction of wind turbines in the forest. The label “wind power in the forest – NO, THANK you” is to support the numerous citizens ‘ initiatives in the fight against the proliferation of wind turbines.

    Just in the forest economic interests of the wind energy lobby, with the nature and species would collide protection. “Because wind turbines are built without regard to protected species such as bats and red kites, and the policy is in the interest of the wind power lobby every day about the killing and violation of the prohibition of wild animals, are not allowed to citizen protests unheard,” said Professor Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, CEO of the German wild animal Foundation. According to the Foundation die each year around 12,000 birds of prey – among them endangered species – and about 250,000 bats by wind turbines.


    Up to 5 stickers free of charge at the German wild animal Foundation requested (photo: German wild animal Foundation)