With the assault rifle to the bus stop – the German hunting newspaper

11. May 2018 14






    Bright excitement yesterday at noon in the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis. Several witnesses reported to the police a man who runs in Saint-Augustin Hangelar in the area of the bus stop with a rifle in Hand.

    Several strips sent. At the site, the officers met an Armed, made no resistance. When he saw the patrol cars, the man his rifle, and walked with your hands on the officials.

    The control showed that the assault rifle is merely a replica of an AK47. The drunken 32-year-old Bonner said that he want to bring the decorative weapon to a friend to Hennef.

    With the mock-up of the assault rifle AK47, a drunk Bonn made in Sankt Augustin for excitement (photo: Icon)

    The “prima facie weapon” was ensured. The man can expect, due to the violation of the arms act.