Wolf hunting legal? – German Hunting Newspaper

9. August 2017 27

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Of the Westphalian-Lippe agricultural Association (WLV) and the Association of hunting co-operatives and self-hunting in Westphalia-Lippe (VJE) presented on Tuesday in Münster an opinion on the Wolf in Germany’s cultural landscape.

The associations are calling on the new NRW state government, the announced fundamental Review of the land hunting law, the Wolf in the catalog of the huntable species.

In a press release by the NRW hunting Association explains in this respect that his Position to the Wolf is independent and based 100 percent on that of the German hunting Federation, which was adopted at the Federal jägertag 2015.

“With a view to the social debate and the safety of our own members, it is explicitly not a requirement of the provincial hunting Association, to transfer the Wolf to the hunting law”, so-LJV-President Ralph Müller-Schallenberg. Rather, problems with wolves in order to be legal problems and also regulations should be treated legally.