Wolf puppies careworn – German hunting newspaper

12. October 2017 49

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The repeated by means of unusual close encounters with people are what made wolf puppies of the Milkeler pack in the biosphare reserve upper Lusatian Heath and pond landscape will vergramt in the framework of the property, plant, and wolf management.

A corresponding exemption was on the 05. October of the state Directorate of Saxony, opposite to the biosphare reserve administration issued. The measure is carried out by employees of the biosphare reserve management and the LUPUS Institute for wolf monitoring and research.

Unusually, the wolf came puppy the people. Now you should be troubled

At least 3 of the currently approx. 6 months old puppy of the Milkleler pack showed in the past weeks, some of the encounters with people barely escaping behavior. They were approaching the people curious as to a few meters, or Close to the studied objects in their immediate, without being aggressive. To what are the causes/ circumstances of this behavior have, for example, whether the puppies were fed up, is currently not known. Now trying to wean the animals of this unusual and unwanted behavior Deterrence. This can be achieved by bombardment with rubber ammunition. The animals are to be accompanied by a short-term pain, but no injuries or permanent damage. You should bring the unpleasant stimuli with humans.

A certain amount of curiosity and a delayed escape behavior for young animals is not uncommon, the interested approach to people, how they showed the puppy on the Milkler pack repeated but it can lead to a habituation effect and in older animals to conflicts in the encounter with people. This should be prevented by Deterrence.