Wolf sighting in the Reinhard forest German hunting newspaper

8. August 2017 64

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After hunters and forest officials have sighted last week in the southern part of the Reinhard forest is a free-running wolf-like animal, asks the Hessian Ministry for the environment now to the consideration of precautionary measures.

The Hessian environment Ministry strongly advises against it, a Wolf to attract or feed (photos: forestry Department Reinhard Hagen)

On 3. and 4. August 2017 has been for several photos of the animal via a mobile phone, but this would not have been sufficient for a clear determination.

Regardless of the fact that it could have possibly traded to a Wolf, asks the Ministry of sheep and holder of Goats in this area, as a precautionary measure, to check your fences and, in particular, in the case of electric fences on the voltage of the electricity to pay attention, there is also the free-roaming big dogs a danger.

Any other visual observations are requested to wolf@umwelt.hessen.de. Of a concrete danger for walkers in the Reinhard forest is not expected. Nevertheless, dogs should be in the next time only on leash.