Wolves in Cuxhaven, Germany, are to be fitted with a transmitter – German hunting newspaper

9. January 2018 113

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The documentation and Advisory Agency of the Federal government on the topic of Wolf (DBBW) shall report to Nutzierschäden by wolves in the district of Cuxhaven: grazing animal needs to be strengthened protection.

In dealing with the Wolf in lower Saxony environment Minister, Olaf Lies, has announced a “Clear edge”. “The safety of the people is for us in the first place. Therefore, the legal framework in dealing with the Wolf must be fully exploited. Even in places where herd protection measures are not feasible, there must be other ways in dealing with the Wolf. This I will also bring in the exploratory talks for the formation of a government in the Federal and demand. When dealing with offending wolves, we need clarity,“ said Minister Lies.

Lower Saxony environment Minister, Olaf Lies, to kündiget “Clear edge when dealing with the Wolf” (photo: Heinz Lehmann)

In the opinion of the livestock damage caused by wolves in the district of Cuxhaven, the DBBW, the documentation and Advisory Agency of the Federal government on the topic of Wolf comes to the conclusion that the wolves are cunning animals were not protected in the district of Cuxhaven sufficient. The reviewers recommend, therefore, to intensify the protection of grazing animals and is also reinforced with the agriculture authorities to cooperate.

Lower Saxony environment Minister, Olaf Lies, said the results of the opinion: “the opinion of The DBBW has not brought fundamentally new insights. We also advertise intensively for Grazing livestock wolf secure fencing, or livestock protection dogs, and have extended the funding backdrop. Herd protection is so important. In Cuxhaven, but the Problem can not be solved. That is why we want to leave now, a broom-ation of the eye-catching pack, Vera, and possibly also deterrence measures. Also, I’m going to go to the district of Cuxhaven, in all practicable ways to the grazing animal to explore protection.“

Also, Read announced it was also during his first official visit as Minister for the environment in Brussels, the Wolf theme on the agenda.

The environment Ministry had asked against the Background of frequent Attacks of wolves on livestock in Cuxhaven, and in particular cattle, the DBBW for an opinion. The wolf office of the lower Saxony state company for water management, coastal defence and nature conservation Agency (NLWKN) was submitted to the DBBW data of the damage cases. In September 2017, an on-site inspection was held with the participation of representatives of the NLWKN, the Ministry of the environment, the DBBW, of the district of Cuxhaven, as well as wolf, a consultant and affected pastoralists and representatives of a local fence construction company took part.