Woolpowers socks-Wiki for summer to Winter German hunting newspaper

7. August 2018 26






    Merino real wool is an all-rounder and is making not only in the field of functional underwear.

    For multi-day use of the Comforter are soft Woolpower-socks best for: The natural high-tech fibers that prevents the formation of odours and absorbs dirt poor. At the end of the day, the Airing of the socks is sufficient, so you use the next day.

    The Swedish Merino-expert manufactures socks for all temperature ranges: While the thin Liner or 200 sock year round, warm, the 400 to 800 socks, even in extreme minus temperatures. The Skilled Socks in the Liner and 400 variant Woolpowers new socks with function, as they sit like a second skin and the formation of bubbles prevent.

    The Woolpower collection is available in leading Outdoor and specialist sports stores. All reference sources www.Scandic.de.


    (Fig. and photos: manufacturer)