“World Hunting and Nature Expo” in Hungary, 2021 – count Károlyi headed the preparations for the world hunting exhibition

2021 will take place at the exhibition centre in Budapest, a world exhibition on the topics of hunting, fishing and equestrian sports.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary, Dr Zsolt Semjén, the Expo plans to a wide audience at the opening of the Hungarian hunting exhibition FeHoVa on 9. February 2017. (Source photo: CIC)

In January of count József Károlyi by the Hungarian government, was representative to the General for the whole of the preparation is appointed. The multilingual industry Manager prior to his Retirement around the world. In the International Council for the conservation of game and wildlife (CIC), he headed for several years, the culture Division. He is the grandson of the legendary hunter, count Louis Károlyi, co-founded in 1928, the CIC. The Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Zsolt Semjén, who is also the President of the Hungarian hunting Association, announced the appointment Károlyis at the opening of the Hungarian hunting exhibition FeHoVa on 9. February 2017 in Budapest is known.

Count József Károlyi will develop the concept of the “World Hunting and Nature Expo”. In the centre of the great importance of the sustainable use of nature, particularly through hunting and fishing, the preservation of biodiversity. Also, the culture and the joy of the hunt not to come. Larger construction projects, such as a modernization of the 30-hectare Expo site in Budapest, as well as the construction of a bypass road are also part of the program. Not only in the capital, but decentralised in all the land Events will take place: exhibitions, music events, horse – riding tournaments, movie Festivals, and conferences.

The CIC, in Hungary, his headquarters, playing at the request of the Hungarian government a special role in the preparations. Count Károlyi has gathered, therefore, already a group of advisers from CIC professionals.

Former world hunting exhibitions in Vienna in 1910, 1937, in Berlin, 1954 in Düsseldorf, 1960, in Florence, in 1967, in Novi Sad, 1981 in Plovdiv. Hungary itself was in September 1971 to host such an exhibition. At that time, 52 countries had participated from four continents. 34 of them were represented with their own pavilions or presentations. The Budapest exhibition, which will be years in 2021 for the 50th Time, is considered to be the largest event of this kind.

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