XXV Day of the Hunter and Fisherman, the next June 18 in Dima – CazaWonke – Hunting and Safaris, your daily hunting.

XXV Día del Cazador y Pescador, el próximo 18 de junio en Dima - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.
The meadows of Zumeltza in Dima will host the 18th of June a new edition of the Day of the Hunter and the Fisherman, organized by the Association for the Defence of the Hunter and Fisherman (ADECAP). This event filled the old aerodrome of Dima fans both sport disciplines, reaches this year its twenty-fifth edition in which the protagonists are, in great measure, the hunting dogs.

With the motto of ‘Hunter and dog. One team, one passion’ that has been chosen for the occasion, the organisers will pay homage to the inseparable companions of the hunter during the central act of the day.

An event that gathers every year tens of thousands of people, and that it is the largest annual celebration of the hunting and fishing in the Basque country and in the whole of the State from 25 years ago, as evidenced by the attendance figures

The decision is motivated by the severe criticism expressed towards the hunters by some associations of animalistic and groups anticaza, around false accusations regarding abandonment of dogs when they stop being useful. From ADECAP intend to respond to this type of campaigns, only, are intended to “smear the image of the hunters with lies. Hunters love and care for our fellow hunting and will never abandon you”.

In fact, the day will once again be a clamor for part of an industry that each year is “more pressure from the radical environmentalists,” according to remembers the president of ADECAP, Juan Antonio Sarasketa.

With that type of aggression, the organizers of the upcoming festive meeting request to the attendees who come accompanied by their dogs, with the purpose of paying the homage they deserve.

Dima is different

The appointment will be held in a privileged place with more than 50 hectares (500,000 m2), equipped with parking area, picnic, txosnas, posts with articles from the world hunting and fishing, water and other facilities to enjoy the day surrounded by a family atmosphere. For the organizers, the Day of the Hunter and Fisherman is very special for the thousands and thousands of attendees who come every year to this event. This is not a fair in a macro closed ward, but that is outdoors, in a privileged natural environment and worthy of admiration, and to which you can go with family, with friends, with the dog…
The event will be to work on the organizational, with the participation of a hundred of volunteers and will also be attended by representatives of two hundred societies, game and fish from Álava, Guipúzcoa, Navarre and Vizcaya.

Enjoy the nature, a day of claim and scheduled activities

Without a doubt, the XXV edition of the Day of the Hunter and Fisherman will be a day of splendid to enjoy nature, friends and, also, how not, to listen to the legitimate claims of the hunters and fishermen, a collective that also makes an immense task for the conservation of nature, because we are one of the sectors most interested in it, but unfairly treated by minority sectors in the society as a whole, as are those of environmentalism radical.

At Dima we will also find posts where they will exhibit articles of all kinds related to the world hunting and fishing, including a trade fair of weapons and add-ons of hunting, in which will present the main national and international companies of the sector.

Among the scheduled activities include the creation of a fishing area with a swimming pool where there will be various exhibitions, as well as specific areas that will be focused on activities such as hunting or pigeon hunting.

Other areas will be focused on the exhibition of dogs and rehalas big game and will enable a ‘Zone ‘ Agility’, where there will be a championship interautonómico, valid for the Spain Cup.

The exhibition spaces also include spaces focused on the falconry, which is the beauty of dogs, archery or a shooting area with carbines (field target).

In addition, there will be areas dedicated to the marketing of products made by baserritarras, another area intended for trucks hunting, and another for 4×4 vehicles. Different txosnas provided food and beverage service and ice cream round out the spaces that will be able to access the visitors.

New model holiday

The Day of the Hunter and the Fisherman is an annual event that is celebrated since 1993. That year were the open fields of Dima the space chosen to celebrate an event that opened a door “to a model of a feast unknown in the State and will continue taking steps”, as indicated by a chronicle of the time entitled ‘Premiere with full’.

Up to the year 2000 this quotation, in which the hunter and the fisherman feels represented and supported the activity that it develops, he alternated the space of Dima with sites such as the racecourse Lasarte or the open fields of Salburua. Since the year 2001 the meadows of Zumeltza in which is located the old aerodrome have become a stable space of an appointment crowded.

The hunting dog will be the protagonist of the 25th Day of the Hunter and the Fisherman, organized by the association for the Defence of the Hunter and Fisherman (ADECAP).

The twenty-fifth party, that hunters and anglers will celebrate the third Sunday of June, it will again show with “a cry unanimous and firm” the unity that exists between the fans who make up this collective. Throughout the day, will be apparent “legitimate representations of a collective hurt, but never surrendered,” as summarized in the chronicle that summed up the last edition, which “is outlined with rawness attacks suffered and the institutional deficiencies-existing”.


Gold medal of ADECAP the merit of hunting, and the conservation of Julen Rekondo Bravo, for their collaboration and work with hunters and anglers, in the defense of a hunting and fishing are respectful of the natural environment, and for his career as a conservationist in defense of the environment and biodiversity, demonstrating that the hunting well exercised and conservation are compatible and should work together.

Participate in your organization more than 100 hunters volunteers and 200 companies of hunting and fishing

Special recognition for his work in defence of the hunting Iñaki Guaresti Zaballa, Sports Club Askantsu of Barambio (Álava), Pedro María Landeta, Egusquiza, of the Hunting Society, Txorierri, Zamudio (Vizcaya), and Society of Hunting and Fishing Muga of Elduaien (Guipúzcoa).

I hope the 18 of June

From ADECAP we want to have with you, and to do this we make a call to go once more. The hunting and fishing you need. So for anyone who has not failed in twenty-four years, as well as for he or she has not come never, the meadows of Zumeltza are waiting for you. It is the only way to achieve the objectives and to ensure that the hunting and fishing progress.

The activities will be carried out between 10:00 and 15:00 h. late in the afternoon.

Summary of scheduled activities:

During the whole day:

– Fair of hunting and fishing
– Beauty contest of the dogs
– Exhibition of hunting dogs
– Archery
– Field Target (shooting carbine, precision)
– Fair of products of the country
– Championship agility valid for the Cup of Spain
– Displays of fishing
– Workshops hunting child

In the campa central:

-Show dogs to trail game hunting with wild boar
-Show greyhounds
-Display of falconry
-Display dog training a dog for 6 months by Victor Esandi
-Exhibition dog show. Hunters of Navarra, Gipúzcoa, Alava and Vizcaya
-Parade / tribute to the hunting dog and the rehalas
-Read manifesto in defense of hunting dog, and speeches
-Display group of rescue of the Police helicopter
-End activities

Entities that collaborate in the organization of the 25th Day of the Hunter and Fisherman


– Basque government (Department of Economic Development and Infrastructure)
– Diputación Foral de Álava
– Diputación Foral de Vizcaya


– Federación Vizcaína Hunting
– Federación Alavesa Hunting
– Youth for Hunting
– Arrecal
– Adecapgazteak