Zurich: hunting to survive more against the initiative of the German hunting newspaper

28. September 2018 27






    The German hunting Association (DJV) welcomed the fact that the population of the Canton of Zurich has rejected the Anti-hunting Initiative, “wild guardians instead of hunters”: 84 percent voted in a referendum against it.

    In a press release Hanspeter Egli, President of the hunting of Switzerland said that the proven System was enshrined and recognized. One of the initiators have expressed the view to the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, they would have had no time to inform the people. Already in the spring of the hunting ban initiative have received zero votes in the cantonal Parliament.

    Canton of Zurich: 84 percent voted in favor of prohibition in the referendum against hunting (source: DJV)

    A different look at the urban Geneva Canton. There, in 1974, had been the private hunting abolished. Hunting opponents would call the Canton is often mistaken as a hunting-free. Instead, funded by the taxpayers would hunt guardians annually about 500 wild boars – 1.8 animals per 100 hectares, almost as many as in wild pig rich Brandenburg. Once the pilot project said undertaking is costly and not a realistic model for other countries.

    The approximately 450,000 Geneva would pay 1.2 million euros of taxpayers ‘ money for a dozen game wardens annually. The be proud of 2,400 euros per boar. Hunting opponents argue, but the use of the gamekeeper would cost each taxpayer only as much as a Cup of coffee. Based on the in Germany in the hunting year 2016/17 hunted deer, deer and wild pigs at least 4.7 billion euros per year would be for the state wildlife damage and disease prevention is necessary.